A fresh start


Web Art, photo taken at the Centre for Alternative Technology ( http://www.cat.org.uk )

I started blogging just under two years ago, I enjoyed having a medium in which to share my thoughts and ideas. But my last proper post was in April and since then nothing. It no longer sat right with me, it almost felt as if I was trying to impose my voice onto somebody else. It has taken time but I have finally realised that I’m no longer the same person who needed that space, who was deeply sad and needed to rediscover herself. Who had to set goals and targets to move forward and rediscover a purpose.

I am stronger. I am happier. I love who I am. I may still be a bit on the lazy side and I definitely lack focus at times but I no longer see myself as in pain. This new blog (which may ultimately contain many elements of my old one) is about growth rather than recovery.

Not a new start but a continuation of my journey from a different location.